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Welcome to CHAVERIM!

Temple Beit Torah's Religious School Home Page.

Our Religious School program is a truly Reform introduction to Judiac Studies, under the guidance of Rabbi Pillsbury. We offer basic Hebrew Lessons adapted to meet students where they are and guide them towards additional learning opportunities as they progress. We currently have four levels of Judaic studies; Bonim for our youngest students, Lower and Upper elementary for students in first through 5th grade and a middle school class for older students.  We are a small community with a big personality!  We offer small class sizes and opportunities for family based learning as well as our Sunday morning religious school.  Students/Families interested in B'nai Mitzvah Studies/Preparation will work directly with Rabbi Pillsbury to define their goals and design their studies.

Due to the complications of learning during a pandemic, we started off this school year with an abbreviated program.  We met outside while weather permitted and only met twice a month.  We have moved back in the building, as of December 2021, and will continue to do so in January, baring any unforeseen changes in county wide health mandates. 

If you have any questions about Chaverim, please contact Leah Rachlis our Religious School Director at . If you have any trouble with email you may also call the temple office and leave a message. Please note that we are a small community so give us a few days to get back to you.


Religious School Documents:



Please note: Religious School is a function of Temple Beit Torah for our membership, while we welcome families to come and get to know us at religious school, it is an expectation that each family will join Temple Beit Torah for continued enrollment. 



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